Wednesday, 29 February 2012


From Hamstreet Dungeness was obscured by fog, so Idrove the short distance to Warehorn. I parked by the Royal Military Canal and walked the canal to Appledore and back. There were no real avian surprises but a Peregrine entertained flying from pylon to pylon. 6 singing Yellowhammers 2 Bullfinches and five Thrush species were the highlights.
By the time I arrived at the ARC car park it was very busy and bathed in glorious sunshine. I was told the Penduline Tit had been seen from Hanson Hide briefly early morning which explained the crowd, so I made my way to the screen hide. From there a Bittern showed well and 60+ Curlew, 50+ Knot and a Ringed Plover were on the islands. 2 red head Smew were feeding close to the reeds by Hanson Hide, while scoping them I saw tufts of Reed Mace seed drop to the water behind them, zooming in on the Reed Mace I could see a Reed Bunting tearing one of the heads apart and next to it the male Penduline Tit. Walking back to Hanson 2 more Bitterns dropped into the Tower Pits. From Hanson I was unable to see the Tit but got from DW telling me the Snow Buntings were back at The Point.    

After spending some time with the Snow Buntings, I went back to Hanson. SB went to the screen hide and called to say he could see the Penduline Tit. With that most people left the hide and with SB relaying the Tits movements I was able to pick it out feeding on the Mace behind the reed bed.
poor record from Hanson


  1. Great snow bunting shots. Sounds like the penduline tit is the ringed male bird I saw on 19 February last year !!

    1. Hi Mike, it is definitely ringed so presumably last years bird. Where has it been?