Tuesday, 24 January 2012


With the rain tipping down I arrived at the point at about 10.15 and stayed till 11.30.  On the sea things had not changed with 100s of Auks, Great Crested Grebes, Kittiwakes and smaller numbers of Red Throated Divers and Gannets. 68 Brent Geese moved east and 14 Common Scoter west. At the ARC a Great White Egret, 1 red head Smew, the Long Tailed Duck and 14 Goldeneye and a soggy Marsh Harrier.
With the rain still falling I decided to head home. As I drove across Walland near Midley I noticed a large pale shape flying way out in the field a male Hen Harrier, I quickly stopped grabbed the camera and managed a couple of extreme range shots in terrible visibility, before my ears were blasted by the horn of huge tractor filling my rear windscreen just as the bird turned and headed towards me. By the time I moved the car out the way the Harrier had crossed the road close behind me and was heading out to the windmills. ****! 
Further along the road the 53 Bewick Swans were still in there usual field. 


  1. Great grab shot the Hen Martin, its bad enough when you have to drive slowly behind a tractor but when they do that you are right in your last word on the subject ****!

  2. Thanks Mike.
    Tractor drivers nearly as bad as grab lorry drivers Steve!