Monday, 7 November 2011

Snow Buntings

1 of 12+ very flighty Snow Buntings on The Point today
 Sea watching from the fishing boats 08.00-10.00:
R T Diver: 6E & 2W & 2 on sea                Kittiwake: 21E & 24W
G C Grebe: 30+ on sea                               Y L Gull: 1 on beach
R N Grebe: 1W                                           2w Glaucous Gull on beach
Gannets: 357E                                            Great Skua: 3W & 1E                                           
Brent Geese: 34E & 71W                           Pomarine Skua: 1W                           
Shelduck: 4W                                             Auks: 48E & 120W
Wigeon: 5W                                               Starling: 800+ in off sea
Teal: 50W                                                  Goldfinch: 600+ overhead
Eider: 3E & 1W all adult drakes                Siskin: 6+ overhead
C Scoter: 17E & 256W                              Redpoll: 1+ overhead
Goldeneye: 1W                                          Snow Bunting 5 + 7 in off sea
Peregrine: 1 hunting off shore                    Swallow: 1E
Sanderling: 3E

Just along the coast at West Hythe the Rough-legged Buzzard was showing well but distantly. The gloomy weather not helping photography.

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