Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Icky brightens the day

An over night clear out at the ARC this morning leaving just 4 Common  Sandpipers, 2 Green  Sandpipers, 6 LRPs, the usual wildfowl and Lapwings and 3 Little Gulls at the South end.Whilst walking along the concrete road to The Patch, hoping to photograph some Black Redstarts which were on the perimeter fence, I saw a Warbler fly from the fence to the bank and dive into a patch of brambles. The bird showed again straight away and was obviously a Hippolais and first thoughts was that it was an Icterine Warbler. I took a few record pics before having to walk back to nearly the car park to get a phone signal and let the locals know. Fortunately when I got back the bird was still there and after a few minutes the locals started arriving to see the bird. On The Patch there was very little of note.

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  1. Hi Martin, just found your blog. Nice find with the Icterine Warbler.