Sunday, 12 June 2011

White-throated Robin

A superb trip to Hartlepool Headland Friday 10th June started at Reigate, where i met Richard F at 08.45 at 12.55 we were on site, with news being the WTR had not been seen for a couple of hours, at 15.00 it was looking as though a repeat of Thursday was on the cards, (showing in the morning then disappearing for the rest of the day). RF and I were looking in shrubbery opposite the doctors garden, when a lad ran by saying it was on the bowling green, a few seconds later we were there watching it showing brilliantly for an hour in which time i took 850 shots most still to be looked at. Thankfully RF had a mate who lives near by who would put us up for the night. He kindly showed us the delights of South Gare birding all be it not at its best before a much needed nights sleep.
Saturday morning we went back to the Headland to be met by a lot of disappointed birders the curse of the Friday night flit had struck again. From the Headland we had 2 reasonably close Manx Shearwaters and a couple of Puffins along with Guillemots, Eider, Little Terns, Gannets and Fulmars. We then headed to the Moors via Saltholme Pools where 3 Spoonbills were asleep as usual. On the Moors we saw 3 families of Red Grouse, 3 Cuckoo's and Curlews. We then taken to a site where Pied Plycatchers nest in boxes provided but they had already fledged and left the site, Where do they go before turning up on the coast in August? at the same site we saw a Woodcock, Redstarts, several Spotted Flycatchers and Willow Warblers. Before heading home we went to Scaling where a pair of Little Ringed Plovers had 4 very recently hatched featherballs on legs.  

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