Saturday, 22 January 2011

To ring or not to ring

The 30+ Waxwings were still around Singleton this morning. Some ringers had set up a net infront of some favoured bushes but didn't catch any while i was there. Is it usual for ringers to leave birds in esposed positions trapped in the nets for long periods? as was the case for at least one Blue Tit, they didn't appreciate me berating them for it (I thought the birds welfare was paramount). As the weather was so bad i thought i'd try nearby Orlestone Wood. I really should not have bothered the high light being 3 Bullfinches.

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  1. Hi Plodder!

    I discovered your blog around Christmas time, and its since become my primary source of what's around - (I'm pager less and time restricted).

    I tend to make quick dashes down to Dungee and Rye, but mostly opt for garden records - check my blog out.

    Anyway, back to your blog - great pictures, and very well written too - well done!


    I tend to agree with you on the Waxwings - why bother them as they need to feed constantly to survive?