Saturday, 8 January 2011

Superb Pom Display

Colour ringed Bewicks at Walland
 On Walland this morning the the Tree Sparrows were showing well in the bushes and round the feeders. By the drying barns  there was 12 Yellowhammers and 20+ corn Buntings and 4 Grey Partridge. In the surrounding fields 150+ Bewick Swans and 42 Greater-whitefronted Geese also a ring tail Hen Harrier flew through. At Hawthorn Corner a distinct lack of thrushes as the bushes have now been stripped but a herd of 35 Bewick Swans 2 of which were colour ringed White ring BKP and BKV. At the ARC Pit 6 Smew including 1 drake, 3 Goosander and 4 of our american freinds. The dabbling duck numbers have decreased since the warmer weather arrived. An hour and half sea  

watch from the fishing boats was very productive with a constant stream of Guillemots and Razorbills moving East and West some close inshore. Hundreds of Gannets were mainly moving West some stopping to fish on the way, while hundreds of Kittiwakes and Black-headed gulls were feeding in the surf along with numerous Herring Gulls and Black-backed Gulls and the Glaucous Gull. The best bird was  a 1W Pomarine Skua that came in to beat up the Kittiwakes giving a magnificent display for a couple of minutes before devouring its ill gotten gains and dissappearing towards the power station. By Lydd Airport on the way home another herd of 17 Bewick   
Stubby Tail
Swans with 8 juveniles.
1W Pomarine Skua

1W Pomarine Skua beating up a Kittiwake

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