Sunday, 26 December 2010

Neck Collar Whitefronts

2 Birds with Neck Collars
 First stop Cockle Bridge where 170+ Greater Whitefronted Geese, 8 Barnacle Geese and 18 Bewick Swans in the field. Scanning through the geese i found 2 with neck collars. White collar with black letters (BJ) and (BR) will be interesting to know where they were marked. The whole flock was flushed by a Marsh Harrier creating a fantastic spectacle. The ARC Pit was mostly frozen with only a small open area filled with Wigeon and Gadwall. A Bittern flew over as did 8 Red Head Goosander. On the New Diggings 5+ Smew including a smart drake were showing well from the road.
Spectacle of wild geese

 The reserve was shut so i went to  Scotney where the Wigeon have increased to easily 10,000 birds on the and around thr 3 pits. Greylag Geese  also appear to have increased dramatically. Feral or Wild? The only Barnacle Geese i could find were the usual feral flock  and the Whitefronts appear to have departed. On Walland Marsh still large flocks of thrushes, 200+ Bewick Swans and 4 Tree Sparrows at the feeders. No sign of the Hamstreet Waxwings. Dipped on the Rough -Legged Buzzard but will try again tomorrow.
Marsh Harrier

Smew on the New Diggings

Fieldfare at the ARC Pit

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