Sunday, 21 November 2010

Stubby Tail, Grumpy Goosander and an Aquatic Avocet

An Aquatic Avocet
 Caught up with the 1st Winter Glaucous Gull with its distinctive stubby tail again this morning but the light was still poor and the wind raw and very little else of interest on the beach. At the S.E. end of the ARC Pit  there was a very grumpy red head Goosander  (Probably a female) beating up the roosting Lapwings also there 3 fine adult Drake Goldeneye and 6 female/1W type. Nearby at Scotney an Avocet swimming in the middle of the pit for at least the 45mins i was there. There was at least 62 Barnacle Geese  there with 9 Snow Geese(Feral) 600+ Golden Plover ,2 Ruff and 3 Dunlin. On Walland Marsh there was 6 Bewick Swans with a large group of Mute Swans plus several flocks of 50+ Fieldfares.

Stubby Tail

A Grumpy Goosander

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