Saturday, 13 November 2010

Pesky Herring Gulls

 A still dreary morning at Dungeness. In the fields approaching the ARC  Pit the 3 Bewick Swans consorting with a few Mutes. On the pit 7 Ruddy Duck, 5 Goldeneye and all the usual duck. In the Willow Trail 2 Chiffchaffs and a Goldcrest with a Marsh Harrier over. From the mound brief views of a Bittern.
At the point with little or no visible migration thought i'd spend some time looking for a Caspian Gull amongst all the loafing gull flocks on the shingle. As usual failed again but this gull did stand out. Having a dark back similar to Yellow legged Gull but a fairly extensively dirty dark hood and neck. Unfortunately it was very skittish and flew off out to sea before i could get good photo's. (Probably gust a slightly darker bog standard Herring Gull)

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