Friday, 9 August 2019

Friday 9th August

05.15-08.00 from the sea watch hide with CP, JTM & AJG who kindly collated the numbers:
Teal: 1W
Common Scoter: 19W
Fulmar: 1W
Gannet: 404W
Cormorant: 8 around
Oystercatcher: 2W
Knot: 25W
Whimbrel: 17W
Great Skua: 3W
Arctic Skua: 1E
Kittiwake: 32W
Mediterranean Gull:1W
Sandwich Tern:  331W
Common Tern: 92W
Swift: 6 out
Sand Martin: 7 out
Harbour Porpoise: 3+
Grey Seal: 1
4 of the Wood Sandpipers from Hanson Hide
 3 Visits to the ARC today saw at least 8 Wood Sandpipers probably 12 as 4 flew high west over the track to the screen hide, also of note 2 Greenshank, 4 Ruff, 5 Common Sandpipers, a Black-tailed Godwit, 7 Garganey, 2 Little Gulls among the usual wildfowl and waders present.
2 Greenshanks with a Wood Sandpiper
13.00-15.30 & 15.30-16.45 from the fishing boats with AJG & JTM also LH & PH who did the second period and sent me there numbers:
Common Scoter: 51W
Manx Shearwater: 1W
Gannet: 46W
Cormorant: present n/c
Ringed Plover: 1W
Oystercatcher: 1E
Whimbrel: 3W
Great Skua:1W
Arctic Skua: 1 around
Kittiwake: 6W
Mediterranean Gull: 4W all juveniles
Little Tern: 2W
Sandwich Tern: 191W
Common Tern: 248W
Sand Martin: 67 out
Swift: 79 out
 Late afternoon a Pied Flycatcher turned up in a private garden on the estate, many thanks to Dave & Sheila Bunney for allowing me access.

Humming bird Hawkmoth in the same garden
 Wood Sandpiper at Firth this evening
 Some of the Wood Sandpipers, Redshanks and a Knot at Firth this evening that dropped in briefly during a shower, also many Swifts that appeared and disappeared just as quickly.
 2 of the 6 Wood Sandpipers that dropped into Firth during a shower
 2 Little Terns at Firth this evening
Pitsea ringed Black-headed Gull 2PRF at Firth this evening it was also present on 02/08/2019. There were also several colour ringed Great Black-backed Gulls present on the islands in a an influx of Gulls today.
Tufted Duck and her brood from Firth

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

First Balearics of the Autumn! (Wednesday 7th August)

06.30-08.30 from the sea watch hide with RW & AJG who kindly collated the numbers:
Common Scoter: 1W   4E 
Fulmar: 6W
Balearic Shearwater: 2W
Gannet: 433W
Oystercatcher: 1W
Whimbrel: 1W
Great Skua: 1W
Kittiwake: 34 down
Mediterranean Gull: 2W both juv/1w
Sandwich Tern: 79W
Common Tern: 312W
Sand Martin: 2 out
Harbour Porpoise: 5+
At The Patch were 2 Mediterranean Gulls and 4 Black Redstarts.
3 visits to the ARC where of note 8 Wood Sandpipers, 4 Common Sandpipers, 4 Ruff, 1 Greenshank, 4 Dunlin, 3 Little Ringed Plovers,1 Black-tailed Godwit, 5 Garganey, 2 Little Gulls, 100s of Sand Martins and the usual eclipse wildfowl.
 Adult Yellow-legged gull on the beach this afternoon
13.30-15.30 with RW, JTM & AJG.
Great-crested Grebe: 1 around
Fulmar: 1W
Gannet: 5E   13W
Cormorant: 14 around
Redshank: 3W
Knot: 1W
Dunlin: 5W
Mediterranean Gull: 2E Juv/1w
Yellow-legged Gull: 2   adult + juvenile
Sandwich Tern: 97W.    12E
Common Tern: 23W
Sand Martin: 21 out
Harbour Porpoise: 5
Grey Seal: 1
Common Seal: 1
Juvenile Yellow-legged gull on the beach this afternoon
2nd cal yr Great black-backed Gull JK889 on the beach this afternoon
 Ringing Details
1 of 3 Juvenile cattle Egrets in the Boulderwall fields this afternoon
2 Sanderling among 10 Dunlin, 5 Common Sandpipers, 3 Common Snipe, a Sandwich tern and c100 Common Terns from Firth this evening.
 2 of the 3 Common Snipe at firth this evening
Scalloped Hook-tip a common moth but only the second to be attracted to my trap

Monday, 5 August 2019

Monday 5th August!

A meagre sea watch this morning , highlight being the first Great Skua of the Autumn.
06.30-08.30 from the sea watch hide with AJG who kindly collated the numbers:
Common Scoter: 7E     2W  4 on sea
Fulmar: 1W
Gannet: 83 feeding offshore
Oystercatcher: 1W
Great Skua: 1E
Kittiwake: 6W
Sandwich Tern: 11W
Common Tern: 22W
Harbour Porpoise: 4+
Grey Seal: 1
Another 2 hr sea watch this afternoon was pitiful but at least the sun was shining.
A brief visit to Scotney which was covered in feral Geese including at least 30 Barnacle Geese which are presumably the first arrivals of the wintering flock, also 3 Common Sandpipers on the main lake.
 2 of the 3 Little Gulls at the ARC
3 Visits to Hanson saw 8 Wood Sandpipers, 6 Common Sandpipers, Greenshank, Turnstone, 6 Dunlin, 4 Ruff, 6 Garganey 3 Little Gulls all the usual wildfowl along with 100s of Sand Martins and a few Swifts
 Black Tern from Firth this evening was the highlight of a visit to Burrowes.

A worn Plumed Fan-foot and 5 Jersey Tigers were the highlight of last nights catch

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Sunday 4th August

 There still lots of Willow Warblers and Common Whitethroats around the trapping area this morning, also a few Lesser Whitethroats and Blackcaps, a few Sand Martins, Swallows and a couple of Swifts over, but as I had a bit of a lay in this morning I missed this mornings Grasshopper Warbler at the observatory. As there seemed to be many people around the reserve I went home and did some gardening.
An enjoyable afternoon was spent at the observatory barbecue. Many thanks to Gill and David for hosting, also to Ray and Lyn for doing all the barbecuing.
 2 juvenile Cattle Egrets & a Little Egret on Tanners Pool this evening
This evening on the reserve 2 of the 3 Cattle Egrets were showing on Tannners Pool. At Firth hide 4 Great White Egrets, 2 Avocet and a Dunlin of note along with the Common Terns.
On the ARC from Hanson 7 Wood Sandpipers, 5 Common Sandpipers, 4 Ruff, 3 Little Ringed Plovers and 6 Garganey of note.
 Great White Egrets at Firth this evening
 Great White Egrets at Firth this evening
 Avocets at Firth
 Oystercatcher chick still thriving at Firth this evening
Jersey Tiger in the garden

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Willow Warblers! (Saturday 3rd August)

  Superb juvenile Willow Warbler
There must have been several 100 Willow Warblers on the peninsular today many of which were in the Long Pits area, along with many Common Whitethroats, Lesser Whitethroats, Reed & Sedge Warblers, 4 Pied Flycatchers, a Grasshopper Warbler, 2 Tree Pipits, some Yellow Wagtails and a juvenile Cuckoo.
Dengemarsh area including the Gully and Galloways, also had many Willow Warblers and Common Whitethroats, another Grasshopper Warbler and 8+ Wheatears.
 Juvenile Grasshopper Warbler
 Pied Flycatcher
 Juvenile Cuckoo
 3 Visits to the ARC saw at least 8 Wood Sandpipers still, 6 Common Sandpipers, 6 Dunlin, 5 Ruff, 3 Greenshank, 3 Little Ringed Plovers, a Redshank, 5 Garganey, 3 Little Gulls and 2 Great White Egrets plus all the usual birds.
 Common Sandpiper (From Dennis's picnic area)
A couple of visits to Burrowes saw another 6 Common Sandpipers, a Turnstone, 6 Great White Egrets and usual Common Terns.
Red-legged Partridge one of the scarcest birds on the peninsular now

Friday, 2 August 2019

Egrets! (Friday 02/08/2019)

 Passerine migrants today were represented by a few each of Willow Warbler, Common Whitethroat, Sedge and Reed Warbler
 Great White Egret at the ARC
3 visits to the ARC today saw an excellent selection of birds a minimum of 7+ Wood Sandpipers, 6+ Common Sandpipers, a singles of Green Sandpiper, Avocet & Turnstone, 3+ Ruff, 6+ Dunlin, 3 Little Gulls, Black Tern, 3+ Garganey, all 3 Egret species, Water Rail, Peregrine, Sparrowhawk, Marsh Harrier and the usual wildfowl, Terns, Warblers and Hirundines.
 Juvenile Cattle Egret at the ARC
 Little Egret at Firth this evening
A couple of visits to Burrowes added to the day list 3 Whimbrel, Common Snipe, another 10 Common Sandpipers and 3 more colour ringed Gulls.
Common Snipe at Firth this evening
Details for Polish ringed Black-headed Gull TXUW

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Juvenile Cattle Egret! (thursday 01/08/2019)

 Juvenile Cattle Egret a first for me at Dungeness at the ARC late morning
This morning at the ARC a nice first for me at Dungeness in the form of a juvenile Cattle Egret, also 5 Wood Sandpipers, 3 Ruff, 6 Dunlin, 3 Common Sandpipers, a Black Tern several Mediterranean Gulls, at least 1 Garganey, many Sand Martins hawking over the lake and the usual wildfowl.

 Black Tern roosting with Common and Sandwich Terns at the ARC
 Pied Wagtail busy collecting food at the fishing boats this afternoon
14.15-15.30 from the fishing boats with AJG & JTM:
Great-crested Grebe: 2 around
Gannet: 5E   5W
Cormorant: 4 around
Mediterranean Gull: 2W
Yellow-legged Gull: 1 Juvenile around
Sandwich Tern: 2E   27W
Common Tern: 1E   18W
Sand Martin: 497 out
Swallow: 1 out
Pied Wagtail: 1 around
Common Seal: 1
Harbour Porpoise: 3+
 1 of nearly 500 Sand Martins past the fishing boats this afternoon
Common Seal with a Skate at the fishing boats
Adult Black Tern at Firth this evening
This evening at firth an adult Black Tern was the highlight, also 2 Norwegian Great Black-backed Gulls JK556 & JK302.
From Hanson at the ARC this evening, the Wood Sandpipers count went up to 7,  the Black Tern was still flying around and the juvenile Cattle Egret looked like it was going to roost with the Cormorants. 
Ancylolomia tentaculella. Amazingly the 2nd time this very rare moth has found my trap. 
Dark Sword-grass